What is Shabe Barat?

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According to the Quran, Lailatul Nisf min Sha'aban (the middle (15th) night of Sha'aban) is Shabe Barat.

What is Shab-e-Barat
Shab-e-Barat is considered to be as the night of Forgiveness or the night of salvation for Muslims and is observed on the night between 14th and 15th of Sha’ban. It occurs in the eighth month of the Hijri calendar and is known by various names such as Layl-at-ul-Barat, Shab-e-Barat, Layl-at-Nisf-min Shaban.

This night is observed as one of the spiritual nights for every Muslims.

This auspicious night is very important since ALLAH Subhanahu wa Ta'ala decides the lives and deaths of everyone on earth on this Night. All those who would be born in the coming year, who all will depart from this world are decided.

ALLAH Subhanahu wa Ta'ala opens the doors of mercy and forgiveness on this blessed night except for the Mushrik (disbelievers) and the ones who are jealous of others.

Significance of Shab e Barat In Islam according to the Sacred Quran and Hadees Shareef.
In a Hadees, Noor e Mujassam Habeebullah Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam says: “In the fifteenth night of Sha'ban, Allah manifests and forgives all His creation except for the Mushrik (idolater) and the spiteful.” (Ibn Majah Shareef)

The importance of Shabe Barat can be understood from another Hadees reported by Ummul Mu'mineen Hazrat Siddiqa Alaihas Salam that Rasool Swallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam says,
“This is the middle night of Sha’ban. Allah frees in it a large number of the people from Hellfire, more than the number of hairs growing on the sheep of the tribe, Kalb. But He does not even look at a person who associates partners with Allah, or at a person who nourishes malice in his heart (against another Muslim), or at a person who cuts off the ties of womb-relations, or at a man who leaves his clothes extending beyond his ankles (as a sign of pride), or at a person who disobeys his parents, or at a person who has a habit of drinking wine.”

There is another Hadees that cites the significance of Shab-e-Barat.

This Hadees is narrated by Imaamul Awwal Hazrat Ali Karramallu wazhahu Alaihis Salam that the beloved Rasool Swallallahu Alaihi W Sallam says,
“When it is the fifteenth of Shaban, then stand (in worship) at night and fast during the day. Because Allah descends in this night at sunset to the first heaven and says: ‘Is there any seeker of forgiveness, that I may forgive him? Is there any seeker of sustenance, that I may sustain him? Is there anyone in affliction, that I may remove his affliction? Is there anyone like this, like that (and so on)’. This continues until Fajr.” (Ibn Majah)

Indeed ALLAH E loves his believers and forgives their sins if they repent sincerely. Also, we Muslims are given with many such blessed occasions wherein ALLAH E the most merciful, the most beneficient forgives all sort of sins when asked, hence we must seek forgiveness from ALLAH E especially in the blessed nights.
We must pay in this blessed night sincerely and seek forgiveness from ALLAH E as we all make mistakes and commit sins some or the other way.

Historical traditions:

On this night, people often distribute sweets to children and to each other. In South Asian countries, people usually distribute a local dessert known as a Halwa or other delicacies.

May ALLAH E protect us from all the bad deeds and keep us steadfast on his deen and grant an understanding of what is correct in ISLAM.

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